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Smart agriculture platform for sustainable food system through the use of Blockchain Technology.
Token sale completed on 18 December
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Tanibox is an integrated solutions powered by blockchain and IoT to empower the whole food and agriculture supply and value chain from producers, partners, to consumers such that a transparent and sustainable industry is developed and sustained. The mission in Tanibox is to democratize access to food-related knowledge and information as a common property for each stakeholders within our ecosystem.

Token Sale: 18 July — 18 December
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Oct 2019
We will integrate Tania to our decentralised ledger to power our farm as a service ecosystem.
Aug 2019
The physical store will be the place to sell our products, doing workshops, and gathering with our communities.
Apr 2019
We will package Tania and Terra and start to market it to the B2B customer
Feb 2019
We aim to release a new update of Tania open source software that can manage big farm business
Nov 2018
Establish a team to do research and development for our farming as a service ecosystem with the decentralised ledger
Jul 2018
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