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A solution to solve the issues concerning secure private key storage & recovery, anonymous & known user identification, and micropayments.
Token sale is active until 31 January
Goal: Not set
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Keypasco is developing Superwallet to help safeguard our digital assets. They are creating a wallet that will securely hold coins and guard against hacks, ease transactions and funds transfers – it will basically shift how we transact. It will also shift how we work by incorporating Blockchain Technology corporate life and engagements such as contracts, project execution and project payments.

Token Sale: 01 October — 31 January
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  • Maw-Tsong Lin
  • Per Skygebjerg
  • Lars Borchardt
Token Distribution
Dec 2019
Launch Blockchain enhanced KeypascoID - Level 1 and 2
Oct 2019
Launch Keypasco Micropayment
Aug 2019
Launch Blockchain enhanced KeypascoID - Level 3
Apr 2019
Launch Blockchain Private Key Storage & Recovery Service
Feb 2019
Token listed at Exchanges
Oct 2018
ICO Public Sale
Aug 2018
White Paper release
Jul 2018
Roadshow & Private placement
Mar 2018
White Paper draft
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