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Blockchain Powered Ecosystem For Total Health and rewards you for being health-conscious.
Token sale completed on 15 December
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Nano Health ecosystem that rewards you for taking care of your own health. The platform’s unique 3-tier token model rewards you to be fit and healthy. These 3 tier token models are namely, Wawa, Warma and NHCT – your daily activity level would determine which if the tier rewards you will earn. The platform’s algorithms helps to ensure that this happens. The rewards accrued can be used to pay for your health services.

Token Sale: 15 November — 15 December
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Timeline: 99%
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  • Manish Ranjan
  • Nagarjuna Vangala
  • Praveen Dwarkanath
    Community Manager
Token Distribution
Jan 2020
Target 1 million users and EHR on Blockchain
Jan 2019
Total Health on Blockchain and Launch Diet services
Oct 2018
NHCT ICO Launch + Fitness Services and Active users cross 75,000
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