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Lynking the World through the power and efficacy of Blockchain Technology
Token sale is active until 10 February
Goal: Not set
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Lynked.World is a blockchain based ecosystem and development platform which provides a multi-faceted solution for individuals and organizations to own, control and share digitally trusted identity, data and documents in a secure and convenient way. It which enables individuals and businesses to build customized forms and applications to provide different services to consumers, without needing to be concerned about the authenticity of shared data, documents and digital identities of the entities involved in a convenient and secure way.

Token Sale: 20 January — 10 February
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Timeline: 29%
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Team From
  • Arun Kumar
  • Debashish Biswas
    Strategy Manager
  • Rishi Pal
  • Sunil Kumar
    Business & Investor Development
Token Distribution
Dec 2020
Digital Signature Integration with Lotus Notes
Sep 2020
Custom Applications for Customers
Mar 2020
Multi-Layer signature contract on Blockchain
Oct 2019
Tie up with top recruitment platforms
Aug 2019
Blockchain based E-Auction and Multilingual Support
Jun 2019
Blockchain based E-Voting
May 2019
Collaboration with Government organizations for Identity and other verification API
Feb 2019
Transaction Authorization using Lynked.World ID
Nov 2018
Launch ICO
Jul 2018
Launch Lynked.World API as a Service (AaaS)
Apr 2018
Mobile App Launch
Jan 2018
Launch of Lynked.World Web Portal
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