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Shipper Carrier Direct Optimization Platform using Blockchain Technology for a better system.
Token sale completed on 21 December
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LaneAxis is a virtual freight management system that uses Blockchain Technology that will connect shippers directly to trucking companies. This way, operators by-pass middle men, freight brokers, third party logistics companies and freight forwarders who turn out to be costly and inefficient. The system is powered by smart contracts residing in the Blockchain’s immutable ledger, shippers and truckers are able to enter directly into self-executing contracts. Globally connecting drivers to a single social network will generate massive amounts of data and information that can be shared on a global scale. The AXIS Token will be adopted on a massive scale as millions of participants take advantage of the Driver Social Network (DSN).

Token Sale: 21 September — 21 December
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  • Rick Burnett
  • Mason Burnett
    Vice President of Operations
  • Amarpreet Singh
    Blockchain Architect
  • Matt Guinn
    Vice President of Operations
Feb 2020
First predictive load matching
Aug 2018
LA token site, pre-sale & crowd sale
Mar 2018
Budbo Pre-sale & Crowd sale
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